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About Momma Bea

Hello my name is Bea, you can call me Momma Bea.

I have wondered for a long time why I like to nurture and cuddle those around me. I have wondered why it gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction to have my special boys and girls in my arms, drifting off to a lullaby. I love to dress my special girls in layers and layers of frills and lace.
The answer is quite simple I am naturally maternal. However, if my baby decides to misbehave, over my knee you go for a sound spanking.
Would you prefer me to be your nanny?
Nanny is very strict and takes no nonsense from her infants.
Would you prefer baby sitte ?
The baby sitter has a tendency to let her infants get away with murder ,
but equally she will leave them locked in their cot for hours and ignore them .

At the Manchester 'Sissification Boudoir and Nursery' , we have the largest selection of clothing :
Dresses in all sizes and styles
nightwear and baby grows
plastic pants and rompers
Accessories : ribbons, shoes, bonnets, bibs, wigs, harnesses
Nappies, both disposable and terry

In addition we have a nursery for the regressive girls and boys and a brand new boudoir will be opening within the next month .

Momma Bea .

Orientation: Bi
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