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Baby tina London

whos in London

was here 1 week ago
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Tower Hamlets
London UK

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HAD A LONG PROFILE but it seems no one reads them... don't want to offend any one but i don't have sex with black or asian guys...or girls..sorry its just a sex thing with me... still looking for a daddy tho..xx-

timewaster...i will tell you....?ask any one who knows me... i dont meet many guys or tvs but still want to... just i want a very few good friends i can see often... thanks for getting this far any thing else...just ask.

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lisasmithnottm 7 months ago

Love accommodate you sissyxx

nikki222 8 months ago

Thank you Tina and you look sooo cute in sissy pink darling ;) xxx

lisasmithnottm 8 months ago

Very prettyxxchat soon

terrys 1 year ago

thank you for nice comment x

lisasmithnottm 1 year ago

ess meetnxxxeed mistr

terrys 1 year ago

How’s things xx

zoeglasgowcd 1 year ago

Lovely pics xxx

frillysissy1 1 year ago

ooooo sweety you look so pretty in your wonderful frilly things!