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Twosexy, 31

Donnington group meet on Sunday night, add me on fabguys for invite as partygirl

was here 1 year ago
456027 @ BirchPlace 456027 @ BirchPlace 456027 @ BirchPlace 456027 @ BirchPlace 456027 @ BirchPlace 456027 @ BirchPlace

Erewash Borough Council
Nottingham UK

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We are NOT escorts, we just can't change our profile. We are a unique crossdressing couple, who love to flirt and satisfy. Samantha is a T-girl, and she is 61 without heels and she is of an athletic build. She is very bottom and enjoys being sub, so if you are a top, samantha will be perfect for you. Tori is a real girl, and she is 55 without heels, with a very sexy BBW body and amazing EE breasts. We only play with others together. So if you a

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jackspratt 2 years ago

Sexy look babes x

zoeglasgowcd 2 years ago

Gorgeous girl X

storm36 2 years ago

what a sexy couple...would love to play...X

inexperienced_jenny 2 years ago

Sexy couple =) xxx

kinkydressed 2 years ago

Love the look! You look great xxx

sinfullcindy 2 years ago

stunning couple,xx

TamiTV 2 years ago

Very sexy!

k8tvlondon 2 years ago

love your style ladies xx