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Hey thanks for reading my profile. Let me start off by saying...
i love crossdressing and always have! since the age of 12 i have been wearing girls underwear.

I don't tend to wear make ups or wigs so my face will be a boys face. But i will be wearing girls clothes. I don't have any clothes but i will be happy to wear any clothes you have or go out before and buy it together.

happy to just wear stockings and

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alan101 1 week ago

This daddy likes the look of you xx

maddyka 3 months ago

Sorry I couldn't e-mail but the Reason your profile is littered with ifs, Buts ,don'ts it's alist of excuses for Laziness. Ramp up your game and make an effort Missy

Keith_Herts 9 months ago

Love the red lingerie xx

69intightsallnight 1 year ago

Love your pics XXX would love to create few raunchy messy ones together xxx

hotsauce 1 year ago

georgeous & sexy!!