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Silkyheels, 31

Looking for a sugar daddy that is willing to buy

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I love to dress in only silk satin spandex or nylon.
I love to wear heels as high as the go and also ballette heels.
I love it when my ass is dominated when I wear all that, makes me feel like a real woman. Sooooo who's ready? I love to be treated like a sissy maid. Make me suck cock and treat me like a real sissy maid. I own a very large ladies wardrobe at home and I would love to be treated like one. Will some one do it? I want

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davinya 1 year ago

hello darlingxx

sallyshusband 1 year ago

cutie xxxxx

xdcathy69 1 year ago


silkteddy 3 years ago

Oh Silky YES !!!

prettylady 3 years ago

Treat this sissy as you would expect to be treated yourself... be very caring... xxx

XxGothicSophiexx 4 years ago

Adorable Stephanie xx

rach49 4 years ago

Lovely maid dear x

lildiccy 4 years ago