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Shiny Jenni M, 43

Girls in something shiny turn me on!

was here 2 days ago
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Merthyr Tydfil
Cardiff UK

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I should point out here that I'm ONLY looking for girls and tgirls. SORRY GUYS! Female admirers are welcome, but men I'm only interested in as friends. If I'm in the chat room and I get an uninvited private message from a guy then I will simply close the window. Girls feel free to private me any time xx

Greetings and welcome to the profile! I'm Jenni, but feel free to call me Shiny, or Shine. I'm *mumblemumblemumble* years old an

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vixen_tg_nl 1 month ago

Hi Jenni, thanks. You too look lovely x

steffi_mature_cd 2 months ago

lovely shiny profile - yummy x

sarahsubsissy 2 months ago

Gorgeous hottie xx

kinky_chloe 2 months ago

Very sexy XX

katie_thighboot 3 months ago

Sexy as ever must catch up soon xx

zoeglasgowcd 4 months ago

Beautiful xxx