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London UK

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Hi thanks for reading my profile

I am 51 married CD (unconvincing) and admirer. I have not had a meet yet but would like to meet TV or CD either as admirer or CD. Age not important and do not mind how convincing you are. Prefer people who do not take themselves too seriously and with a sense of humour. I like to cam and do fone when possible....or happy just to chat.

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marcelm 5 days ago

Exciting beautyXx

amanda_50 3 months ago

Lovely pics xx

kazzieukcd 3 months ago

thanks cutie xxx

marcelm 4 months ago

You look very femme, convinced meXxx

stefanny2 5 months ago

mmmm so cute

marcelm 5 months ago

Gorgeous body, stunning figureXxx

exdresser 6 months ago

So hot baby xxx

stefanny2 6 months ago

Sexy pics, and a cute bum xx