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Michelleward, 63

was here 2 hours ago
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Well, did not enjoy Gran Canaria last time, so decided to give it a miss this time. Changes are afoot, I`m sure social media will report happenings as they occur. Recent reports indicat there seems to have been changes in visitors standards: with more incidents during the May festival period .

Been to Blackpool last year since Ren girls meetings are good, and also other attractions here abouts, including the sauna: sometimes fun

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graham02 6 months ago

drop dead gorgeous

mspetrabold 6 months ago

Lovely girl

samantha2011 9 months ago

very sexy xxxx

SYLVIA1 9 months ago

brilliant pic hun

amanda_50 9 months ago

You look fantastic Michelle xx

lbl_lucy 9 months ago

love your look. xx