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A work in progress, and thanks to the few kind people that encourage me and support me on my journey of recovery.
Here you will find someone as unwilling to judge you, as much as to enjoy with you, and about you.
It's not all about me, as it is for the very many.
And then there are the few, with whom we hope to share many good times.

Without limits, and seeking your indulgence in all that we share.

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zarasx 1 month ago

pert x

marticox 5 months ago

thank you for the comment babeXX

Martine 5 months ago

Thankyou hunni x

m1key 5 months ago

Thank you for your lovely comment :-) love you pic x

lifeis4living 7 months ago

gorgeous profile xx peachy bum too

milftsstephanie 7 months ago

i love rusty trombones x

carolinetv1st 7 months ago

Lovely figure and pose, but where is the dress honey lol xxx