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Lady D London

Way too tired. I need a holiday!!!

TS Pre-op
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London UK

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Well hiya boys.Well done for taking the time out to view my profile. Well i'm 34 and i'm a pre op Ts from SE London.

I'm a sales adviser for a jewelery company and a nightclub hostess. I'm pretty tall, 6ft3 in fact. Plus I wear 6 inch heels on top,but don't worry. More leg to look at. lol

I am a fairly relaxed person,although i'm very head strong. I try not to judge people,as it takes all sorts to make the world go

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zoeglasgowcd 4 months ago

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tallblondy 4 months ago

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stellaxxx 7 months ago

Beautiful and sexy

mrblezz 8 months ago

Ello Mizz Sexy

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gorgeous x

prettylady 9 months ago

So glam x