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Kirstymaid, 48

was here 1 week ago
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Doncaster UK

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Hello my name is kirsty and I am a tall leggy submissive maid who loves wearing pvc, and would love to try rubber. my big turn on is being found attractive and makes me more submissive. I like to be collared, tied up and gagged as this is also makes me very submissive. I try to look as sissy as possible as I have found that this really turns people on and it's what I crave the most. Although I have never tried it I would also like to be hoo

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gailbostock 1 month ago

love the look

steviec 2 months ago

Oh my days, such a hotty and from doncaster too....

amanda_50 2 months ago

Perfect Kirsty xx

cindi_sissy 3 months ago

truly wonderful photos... gorgeous outfits and eye-makeup... xxx

kinkkaren 3 months ago

adorable and lovely outfits too x

pauline29 3 months ago

So gorgeous in pink...xxxx

carolinannepetite 3 months ago

Lovely SissyMaid, very cute and sweet!

don13 3 months ago

love a maid like you gorgoeus