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Where are you East Midlands girls ? Message me x

was here 6 days ago
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Nottingham UK

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I will make this short and sweet .... I am a reasonably good looking single man of 50 years who is looking for a TV or a TS preferably for something long term . That said if we are all honest some sexy one of fun is always good while we are single.
Lately I have found myself attracted too more mature girls between 30 and 65 being mature myself of course ...chuckles
That said I wouldn't want too pidgeon hole myself or anyone else

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sometimesemma 1 month ago

very kind thanks xx

milftsstephanie 1 month ago

muah, thank you xx

razzledazzle 1 month ago

Thankyou so much babes. Xxx

taylorsimmers 1 month ago

Thank you jack xx

enhancedbabepostop 1 month ago

awww ty hunni xx

kelly_uk 1 month ago

thank you xxx

juoles 1 month ago

TY jx

MichelleTV2005 1 month ago

he comment you left for me sounds interesting xx