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TV, sub maid for Masters, Mistresses, Couples and parties

Basildon, Havering

Basildon East London

London United Kingdom

My name is suzie perkins, I am a life-long TV maidservant who has served in uniform since my late teens. For more and bigger photos plus a short video please visit my Flickr stream. Who I seek to serve: 1. A mature (40+), well-educated, eloquent, imaginative and smartly attired Master who has a taste for maids who wear genuine maid's uniform (rather than sissy/cosplay/French costumes). I am a maid first and tranny second and love to enact Master and maidservant role playing scenarios. Ideally my Master would possess an assertive disposition and be accomplished in, or at the very least curious about, diverse BDSM practices. I am unable to accommodate and much prefer to serve a Gentleman in his own home as this opens up far more opportunities for fun and games. I am however willing to serve as a hotel chambermaid if there is no other alternative. 2. A glamorous, experienced and convincing TG Mistress aged 30+, who dresses and conducts herself with elan and sophistication and has a stylish wardrobe. Whilst I love to be dominated by a Mistress as much as I do a Master I would be happy to serve a Lady who is disinterested in BDSM activities, though I would hope she would at least be quite demanding and a bit of a bossy boots. 3. A dominant gender Lady who is genuinely turned on by the idea of having a sub TV maid at her beck and call, rather than a professional who is happy to act a part for a fee. 4. A Couple, be it Male/TG or Male/Gender female. Please note that I do not discriminate in anyway nor prefer one ethnicity over another. I am pale of skin and smoothly shaven everywhere, with a slender, non-muscular and reasonably feminine build for someone who does not take hormones. My breasts, whilst nascent are feminine, as can be seen in some of my photos and the videos in my locker or on Flickr. My competencies as a housemaid would include cleaning, washing ironing, cooking, waiting upon and serving in attendance. I may also be used as a Lady's maid, a valet or masseuse. As someone who is deeply servile I also love to be humiliated and objectified as a boot lick, footstool, or doormat; especially at clubs and parties. Sexually I am a wholly passive, though can, if it is desired, be aroused and made the subject of orgasm denial. I give Oral and receive Anal to order, as, when and where they are required, though I do not take anal bare-back so I'm afraid a condom will have to be worn should you wish to use my bottom. As it pleases my Owner I can be spanked, whipped, beaten or flogged on the buttocks and thighs. I can also be used for strict bondage/dungeon play and will suffer nipple clamps, TENS and Wands, as well as light genital torture. My hard limits are Coprophilia, Urolagnia, Masks and Needle play. I can also be used to wait upon and serve my Master's guests as he wishes, or accompany him as his maid to Fetish or BDSM orientated venue such as The Torture Garden, Club Decadence or Club Pedestal. Please note however that I am a maid first and TV last and not in the least bit interested in frequenting TS/Ladyboy haunts such as The Way Out or Trans-mission. I am however happy to serve as a maid at Candy Girls or any other more fetish orientated TG venue. As I share with a vanilla and hold down a vanilla job (yawn), I am sadly unable to accommodate and can usually only meet on weekends. As aforementioned I much prefer to serve within my Master or Mistress' home as this offers far greater potential for fantasy and naughty fun and games, though again I will meet at a hotel if there is simply no other option. Usually I am only able to travel within the Greater London/Home Counties area, but can on occasion travel further afield. I neither charge nor pay a fee, nor do I expect or provide 'gifts'. I both promise and expect absolute discretion. I shall hope to hear from Sir or Madame at his/her/their convenience and remain, Your humble servant, suzie lee perkins

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