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TS Pre-op,

Norwich, Norwich



Hey Guys, **UNFORTUNATELY I AM NOT GOING TO BE AVAILABLE NOW OR FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE. I AM TAKING A LONG (VERY LONG) EXTENDED BREAK IT IS UNLIKELY THAT I WILL RETURN SOON, MAYBE NEVER. IT WAS FUN WHILST IT LASTED, AND I HAVE HAD A FABULOUS COUPLE OF YEARS, BUT IT IS TIME TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER OF MY LIFE** I want to see as many of you sexy guys as I can while Im back home. Feel free to contact me; and I will answer as soon as I can. I am a 22yo TV/TS girl - and I am told that I have a beautiful body and Yes - I am in full working order!! So yes guys - I know what to do and how to do it! Recently I changed my style a bit, and I now have straight hair. I did used to have super curly hair but I felt like I needed to become more Sophisticated and Sexy! This has been my job and career for the 18 Months now!! ! I've managed to get so much support with what I do, and I've been able to grow so much as a person. And I want to continue with my success, and continue meeting many of you sexy people. Don't be scared to contact me! As I would really appreciate it . I am here to satisfy your every desire and dream. I love meeting new people and welcome experienced and mature clients just as much as I do the first timer. I AM ALSO AN EXPERT AT MASSAGE - Let me show you wht I can do with my hands........ I travel the UK with my sexy TV/TS friend Sophie also with my male friend David so we offer threesomes Group sessions too. I will keep my profile updated with where I will be - but if you would like me to come and visit your City then please let me know. And I can also offer a sexy session with a male escort friend too!! If your interested let me know !! I travel regularly around the UK but when I am not traveling I live in a very private house in Norwich and I can offer you a very discreet service. I am usually with my sexy TS friend Sophie and we are happy to offer a duo show as well as a tantalising threesome. Special offer rates available. WE ALSO OFFER A FULL TV DRESSING UP/MAKE UP EXPERIENCE WHERE YOU CAN SPEND TIME WITH US GETTING YOU MADE UP/DRESSED UP AND CAN THEN HAVE A SEXY TIME WITH US AS WELL SHOULD YOU WISH. Prices available on request............. Love Sindy xxx ***HAVING TIME OFF AT THE MOMENT, BUT BE BACK VERY SOON***

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