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TS Post-op, Premier Dominatrix

Sheffield, Sheffield

Sheffield Yorkshire and the Humber

South Yorkshire United Kingdom

Mistress Violator is a post-op transsexual Mistress - for those of you who are unsure, this means she has had a full sex change and is to all intents and purposes physically the same as a genetic female. What this also means, is that she understands her submissive male's minds a little better than the average mistress - she knows the true extent of your wicked thoughts, the deep and dark levels of your sexual depravity and she will exploit all your deviant hedonistic desires. Naturally, she also has a particular empathy with those submissives who find satisfaction and release in feminisation. She understands completely the pleasure in playing a slut, the shameful relief found from becoming a whore for a little while. And then of course, there is the fact that she is purpose-built for domination; at 6 feet tall without her heels, she will almost certainly tower over you in them and she has enough strength to restrain most slaves even without the use of bondage - although she is rather fond of its use nevertheless! Mistress Violator's approach to domination, much like herself, is a little different - she can be incredibly severe, utterly evil and terribly wicked, but she can also be devilishly seductive, beautifully sensual, even playful and flirtatious at times. She requires your adoration, your worship just as much as your obedience and devotion. Put simply, you are her playthings, her devotees to do with as she wishes and in accordance with whatever mood she is in at any given point in time... ...but then, isn't that precisely what you really want? - to submit, to relinquish control utterly not knowing what is coming next, to give yourself to a mistress who can not only punish, but also reward, not only humiliate but also care tenderly and lovingly for her pets... ...when you give yourself to Mistress Violator (or simply 'The Violator' as she is often known), you accept that she will take you on a journey that will push you to the limits of your boundaries, that you will experience both pain and pleasure, that you will submit unquestioningly and unreservedly to her each and every whim and relish in the surprises that brings... ...prepare to be violated! Tribute: In-calls: 120GBP for the 1st hour - 100GBP for subsequent hours Out-calls: 170GBP for the 1st hour - 100GBP for subsequent hours - 600GBP for overnight Availability: Monday and Friday 11am-5pm Tuesday to Thursday 11am-10pm Sunday 7pm-11pm Contact: Call: 07511 095 125

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