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Need a man!

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Bedford UK

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I'm a life long TV, now in my 40's (boo hoo).

Finally accepted who I was a few years back, and stopped fighting it, although it is still a struggle at times.

Love dressing when I get the chance. Any sort of clothes, but the sexier the better. Love shoes, especially wearing heels, even though they hurt.

Love feeling of putting on full make up to feel completely femme.

Not sure where I a

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lifeis4living 4 months ago

gorgeous profile xx and gorgeous girl

steffi_mature_cd 4 months ago

Beautiful profile xx

kinkkaren 5 months ago

sassy, sexy, looking xxx

donnamorgantv 7 months ago

Gorgeous! Love those legs x

lifeis4living 7 months ago

sexy looking girl xxx

sometimessam 8 months ago

lovely pics lovely lady xxx

cindi_sissy 8 months ago

wonderful photos... xx

alan101 8 months ago

love your profile xxx