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Tami TV

Why am I a stranger in my own life?

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It's always interesting tap-dancing between male and female feelings.I want to say stay open to falling in love, you never know when it will happen or who it's with. If you haven't met them yet, keep looking, keep trying. I'm hoping to find it again. Of course I'm still here to see the beautiful girls. And, maybe find someone who lives on this side of the pond. Curious about what life has to offer as my acceptance of my feminine side continues

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blackpool_mod 6 hours ago

you still beautiful and always stunning xxxxx

nylonfunsize 2 days ago

Run with it Tami! Be happy and free. Banging body you have. You are turning into a hot bitch!

amanda_50 2 days ago

Beautiful Tami xx

tony_warrington 5 days ago

U r stunning x

victorfox 1 week ago

You're just so Lovely!

cdmia1234 1 week ago

thank you

sub_david 1 week ago

Wow, just simply wow!! X

zoeglasgowcd 3 weeks ago

Beautiful xxx