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About Mistress Stacie (FOOTDOM)

FOOT WORSHIP. My powerful Size 5 feet will give you butterflies in your stomach and make you weak in your knees.

FOOT WORSHIP WITH DIRTY SOLES. When doing martial arts training barefoot on a dirty gym floor., the soles of my feet get very very dirty and is a challenge for foot slaves to lick them clean. Do you think you have what it takes to complete the challenge?

FOOT TEASING. Maybe I'll tie you up and rest my feet just out of reach from your face.

FOOT SMOTHERING. Pressing the soles of my feet against your face. With a heel pushed into your mouth and my toes crunching over your nose squeezing it closed. I'm in control of the amount of air you breathe.

TRAMPLING. Stomping, face standing, back, front, neck, cock balls in barefoot or high heels.

SUFFOCATION. I have plastic bags, Cling film, latex sheets, hoods and a gas mask. How long do you think you can hold your breath for and do you dare find out? I love to suffocate slaves and listen to them panic. Breathing will become a privilege.

HUMILIATION. Verbal abuse, small penis etc.

MUMMIFICATION. You will be immobilised and helpless. Full body cling film wrapping that can include your head. Perfect for foot sniffing

BEGGING. kneel and start BEGGING!!! I will make you look directly into my eyes as your ordered to beg like a slave should.

JOI. Jerk off instruction.

CBT. Can include kicking, stomping, punching, squeezing, cracking your sack with my crop, ball busting etc. My humbler will keep you on your knees and your balls will belong to me.

FINANCIAL SLAVERY. Shopping trips and money slaves will be abused. You will treat me to items from my wish list. Foot slaves can also purchase my used socks.


Limits are respected but pushed. Safe words/signs agreed at the start of session. You may ask for the option of a no safe word/sign session but... Be warned. You will suffer and I will show ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY!!!

Rates do not include traveling fees.

I do not have or need a dungeon. What i do have is a large bag full of goodies that I am very capable of torturing you with. I enjoy it too.

No sexual services so don't embarrass yourself by asking. If your a good slave and beg me enough I might let you relief yourself.

Orientation: Bi
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